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TOURMAG Turkey elected to Skalite 2017 Finals

TOURMAG Turkey elected to Skalite 2017 Finals
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TOURMAG Tourism Magazine has been elected to Skalite 2017 Finals that organized by the SKAL International Istanbul Club. The award, which has been arranged for 20 years and shown among the most prestigious awards of the tourism world, also known as “Skalite Tourism Oscars” in public, is given every year to people and institutions operating in the field of tourism.


In the statement made by SKAL Istanbul Club, TOURMAG Tourism Magazine was nominated in the category of “Tourism Promoting Publications” and jury of the club management elected TOURMAG to the finals which got together to determine the finalists of Skalite 2017 on November 9.


Final eliminations and winners will be assessed by the SKAL Turkey participating members at “Skalite 2017” night. The “live voting” system will be used at the awards ceremony where will be held at the Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent Hotel on Monday, November 27.


TOURMAG Tourism Magazine, which started publishing life with the encouragement of a France-based publishing group in order to bring tourism news to the public with full impartiality, said hello to its readers with the cover of “The Precious Museum of the World: TURKEY” at the beginning of 2015. TOURMAG, published by K-Communication Press and Publishing Services in English and Turkish, continues its publishing life with the mission of transmitting special news from tourism world and promoting tourism.

TOURMAG, a member of the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET), broadcasts mainly for foreigners living in Turkey as well as for guests who come to Turkey for business or travel. The magazine, which reaches readers in countries like France, England, Germany, Holland, Malta and Cyprus, closely follows the meetings realized in the name of tourism both in Turkey and abroad. The news of TOURMAG Tourism Magazine, which reaches readers digitally via many links, is shared on social media platforms and attracts great interest. TOURMAG, which publishes the news of the tourism world with its internet news portal www.tourmag.com.tr on an hourly basis, is also very active in this area.

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