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Tourism experts came together in Kuşadası

Tourism experts came together in Kuşadası
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Andrew Agius Muscat, Secretary-General of Mediterranean Tourism Foundation, visited Turkey to keep in touch with Turkish authorities. Muscat’s first destination was Bodrum and after that, the famous tourism expert visited Kuşadası.

Delal Atamdede, Head of FIJET Turkey, welcomed Muscat and showed him round, before the big dinner which was held by Özer Kayalı, Mayor of Kuşadası, in honor of the guests. The other attenders of the dinner were Canan İnanç, Council Member of Kuşadası Municipality, Mediterranean Tourism Foundation Board Member Barbaros Kon who is also a writer for TOURMAG,  Nilgün Şirin, Board Member of FIJET Turkey, Serkan Yiğit, Board Chairman of Yiğit Holding and Atilla İlhan Kartal, Vice District President of CHP.


During the meeting, the attenders seeked for an answer for the big question: “What can be done for tourism?” Özer Kayalı, Mayor of Kuşadası, stated that Kuşadası and the national park in Dilek Peninsula are ecologically valuable and he mentioned the necessity of these two regions to be advertised to the tourists more. Delal Atamdede, Head of FIJET Turkey, assured the mayor about working on this project. Andrew Agius Muscat, who came from Malta, expressed his opinions with these sentences: “Turkey has wonderful touristic destinations like Bodrum, Kuşadası and Fethiye. With a sustained performance, these amazing destinations will come into their own, worldwide.”


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