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St. Nicholas Church will be restored

St. Nicholas Church will be restored
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St. Nicholas Church, cultural value of Bodrum, which is stated to have been built in dedication to the patron saint of fishermen about 300 years ago, will be brought to tourism with the reconstruction project that will be started in accordance with the original. The outbuilding which built in 1969, was used as a sponge depot, a cinema and public education center in different times, evacuated as a result of the rotten report given by Pamukkale University and a controlled demolition process was carried out.

St. Nicholas Church that took place at the Hilmi Uran Square and original foundation walls were unearthed after this destruction will be restored. Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras, who initiated activities to restore the church, told reporters that the project, which was supported by Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, would start as soon as possible. Aras said the followings:

St. nicholas church

St. Nicholas had established itself as a building used for different works at every opportunity. For a period, the building was used as a sponge depot, a factory to produce electricity and even as a wedding hall. This historical place is a very important part of Bodrum’s urban identity and common memory. Accordingly, it was very important for us to bring the church and its surroundings into tourism. We are currently getting the necessary permissions from the Board of Monuments for the original restoration of the St. Nicholas Church. Then, we will organize the financing of the project and bring the church back to tourism.”

St. nicholas church

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