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100th anniversary excitement in Romania

100th anniversary excitement in Romania
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The date of December 1, 1918, when the scattered Romanians united under a single flag and formed the present Romanian national state after the First World War, is very important as a “national day” and is celebrated every year with various activities. The 100th anniversary celebrations, which are expected to take place with great enthusiasm next year, have already become a matter of curiosity.

Gabriel Plesa, Deputy Mayor of the city Alba Iulia, which has a very important place in the national history of Romania in terms of many historical features, where the unification council was gathered, where the merger decision was taken, where the King Ferdinand and Queen Marie’s coronation ceremony was held as the Great Romanian Emperor on 15 October 1922, welcomed young tourists visiting city under the FIJET Academy 2017 programme. Plesa explained the followings in his statement on the 100th anniversary celebrations:


“Due to its historical and cultural location, Alba Iulia will be the center of celebrations. Until the 100th anniversary, which we are giving great importance and care, we plan to finish all infrastructure and transportation investments, also the restoration of the historic Alba Iulia Fortress. The number of tourists visiting our city increases every year. In this direction, we collaborate with the private sector to develop solutions that will increase our accommodation capacity. Our goal is to make Alba Iulia a center of attraction for tourists.”



Lucian Docea, Head of the Tourism Department from Alba County Council, stated that they are working on many applications for tourists and focusing on investments to modernize Alba Iulia as a part of the “Smart City” project, along with 100th anniversary celebrations. In this context, Docea said they will provide wifi access in whole city, online maps for tourists, intelligent parking, brief messaging services and much more.

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