Your travel to Turkey is guaranteed anymore!

Yazar Kadir Toprakkaya

Turkish Airlines (THY) has published a statement about the “Tourist Protection and Support Insurance” of tourists coming to Turkey, and indicated that tourists travelling to Turkey will be more secure with the new insurance. The statement made by THY about the subject is as follows:

“Your trip to Turkey is guaranteed anymore. Güneş Sigorta’s Tourist Protection and Support Insurance offers advantageous prices starting from EUR 15 for you to discover the heavenly destinations of Turkey securely. You can take out a policy with Covid-19 coverage via Tourist Protection and Support Insurance for an even more relaxing and safe holiday in Turkey where offering history, nature and culture together.

THY - Your travel to Turkey is guaranteed anymore

Under the leadership of the Republic of Turkey, with this project implemented by Güneş Sigorta, guests are invited to experience Turkey’s heavenly corners in peace of mind without worrying about Covid-19. Istanbul, Bodrum, Cappadocia, Marmaris, Nemrut, Antalya and many other wonders of Turkey… Our guests that discover the unique beauties of Turkey in deep blue seas, lush plateaus, wide canyons and large open-air museums are enjoying the holiday by leaving the uneasiness of Covid-19, which is affecting the whole world, with Tourist Protection and Support Insurance.”

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