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Maldives of Turkey: Salda Lake

Maldives of Turkey: Salda Lake
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Salda, the deepest lake of Turkey, is located in Yeşilova, Burdur. Thousands of tourists come to see Salda Lake to see it’s turquoise colored lake and white sands.

Despite of being the deepest lake of Turkey, Salda is the third deepest lake of the world.  The depth of the lake can go up to 185m. Interestingly, there is a similarity between Salda Lake and Mars. Both have white magnesium loaded rocks. The area of the lake was announced as 1st grade natural site area in 1989.  For this reason, building construction around lake was prohibited. The lake is rich in terms of its minerals, due to soil properties. The water of lake is a cure for certain skin diseases. Municipilaty provides service, so that tourists are able to swim and camp aorund the lake.

Tourist are able to set a tent or park with their caravan around the lake. Many people are coming in order to, see unique landscape of the lake, find a cure for their disease.

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