June 15 – Private ‘Ayasofya by Night’ Tour with Şerif Yenen

June 15 – Private ‘Ayasofya by Night’ Tour with Şerif Yenen
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Dear Traveler,

I am sure you have seen the Ayasofya many times. However, this time I am offering a very unique experience: A Private ‘Ayasofya by Night’ Tour in English. We will visit the Ayasofya in the evening when it is closed to visitors. With special permission, we will be able to open the Ayasofya just for you for a special visit. There will be no other groups.

As you know, throughout Byzantine and Ottoman history, the Hagia Sophia has always been the Imperial Church or the Imperial Mosque. Emperors were crowned, victories were celebrated and Ottoman sultans prayed in this remarkable monument. For many centuries the Hagia Sophia was possibly the largest shrine in the world.

Besides, how many other 1500-year-old buildings could you think of with its roof still on top? Ayasofya undeniably is one of the most important monuments in the world. Its importance can been seen from many different aspects; historical, architectural, religious, legendary and cultural.

I will draw attention from all of these aspects. I will also tell you the most intriguing stories or legends of Ayasofya.

NOTE: If you have your own group, and this date does not work for you, we can organise this special visit only for you at any suitable date you would prefer.

Şerif Yenen

  • 19.00 We will meet at the gate of Ayasofya
  • 19.00-19.30 Coffee or tea service at the cafe inside (the courtyard of the Ayasofya)
  • Delivery of headsets and compimentary copies of Serif Yenen’s publications
  • 19.30-21.30 Private tour of Ayasofya with Şerif Yenen (no other visitors)
  • By 21.30 End of the tour

265.00 Turkish Liras (If you like to make your payment with a Turkish credit card or make Turkish Lira bank transfer, please do it online on the page of the tour: https://serifyenen.com.tr/tour/private-ayasofya-by-night-tour-with-serif-yenen/)

$50.00 USD (If you like to pay with your non-Turkish credit card, please use this link, and enter $50.00 USD per person: Non-Turkish credit card manual payment page: https://serifyenen.com/tours/manual-payment/)

What is Included in the Price:
  • Professional tour guide services by Şerif Yenen,
  • All entrance costs for the special opening,
  • Tea or coffee,
  • Şerif Yenen’s informative Quick Guide pamphlet on Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia),
  • Tour guide audio system (headsets).
What is NOT Included in the Price:
  • No transportation is included.
  • Personal expenses

Şerif Yenen

Who is Şerif Yenen?

Şerif Yenen is a Turkish travel specialist, travel writer, tourist guide and travel film-maker. He has given Anatolian Civilisations and Cultural Heritage lessons as a part-time instructor at the Bilgi and Boğaziçi Universities. He wrote “Turkish Odyssey” in English, the “first guidebook of Turkey ever written by a Turk”. He is the producer, director and writer of Istanbul Unveiled, an awards-winning travel documentary with eight international awards.

Yenen gives lectures in the US and Turkey about travel in Turkey, Turkish history and culture. The majority of his lectures are in academic communities. His guidebooks are used as textbooks or are on suggested reading lists at various universities, and his articles and columns are published in international magazines and national newspapers.

He and his team members are offering regular and private tours in Istanbul and Turkey for foreign guests: https://www.serifyenen.com)

You can read more about him at Wikipedia. (https://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Şerif_Yenen)

For your queries, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or call Serif at his mobile number: 0533-591 1303.

Hope to see you soon!

Şerif Yenen

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