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Istanbul New Airport is spotlighted

Istanbul New Airport is spotlighted
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Istanbul’s new airport is planned as the largest airport in the world, with a 150 million passengers annual capacity. It planned due to lack of capacity in the existing airports of Istanbul. At least 250 airline companies will have flights when Istanbul New Airport completed, and flight destinations will be up to 350 points.

First stage of the Third Airport’s construction works will be completed in February 26, 2018. Also, the terminal building with 90 million passengers capacity and 1.3 million square meters will have been completed on the first stage. Two thousand aircrafts per diem are to enable landing/take off when first phase puts into service. It is provided for 6 billion Euros and 2.4 billion Euros expensed so far. Construction of new airport completed about 30 %.

Istanbul New Airport


In the meantime, new airport will have had the largest parking area with 18 thousand car capacity. Employment will rise to 30 thousand from 18.500 people next year. It will offer a new full employment opportunity for 100 thousand people when it will come on stream. Transportation to the new airport will have more alternatives. A new subway line and high speed train engagement are planned. Nowadays, various highway connection constructions continue to the main roads.

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