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The General Assembly of ATURJET held in Istanbul

The General Assembly of ATURJET held in Istanbul
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The meeting of the general assembly of Turkish Association of Tourism Journalists and Writers (ATURJET) was held in the Caddebostan Grand Club on Sunday, 23 December. While the former board of directors who have been on duty for three years was discharged, Delal Atamdede was elected as the president once again.

Under the chairmanship of Çetin Gürcün, the former general secretary of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), the new members for the board of directors were designated. The new administrative body of ATURJET consisted of Sema Kutlu, Nilgün Şirin, Hüseyin Kurtoğlulları, Yonca Atamdede, Şakir Epikmen and Dr. Barbaros Kon. On the other hand, Kadir Toprakkaya, Ayşe Dural, Canan Toprakkaya, Sedat Bornovalı, Çetin Gürcün, Zekeriya Şen and Nursel Uluçam were appointed as the associate members of the new board. Furthermore, Erdoğan Örge, Zülküf Mermut and Emel Sabuncu were selected for the supervisory board.


Under the presidency of Delal Atamdede, ATURJET has brought significant dynamism to Turkish tourism industry in recent years. Alongside leading to bring in two prestigious Golden Apple Awards (FIJET’s La Pomme d’Or) to Konya and Diyarbakır in 2017 and 2018, ATURJET has also achieved to organize a very successful Academy for Young Journalists in Izmir this summer. While more and more people from the industry recognize the importance of Turkish Association of FIJET as an important contributor to the tourism, ATURJET with its connoisseur members seems to continue positively impact on the tourism field in Turkey.

Sedat Bornovalı, who has been newly elected as the president of the Istanbul Chamber of Tourist Guides was also attended to the general assembly of ATURJET. During the meeting, Delal Atamdede presented congratulations to Bornovalı with the following words; “I am very glad to welcome Sedat Bornovalı to our ATURJET family.”

Having had long conversations with the former and new members of the ATURJET before and after the congress, Delal Atamdade stated the followings: “Our sole purpose is to have a period filled with success by means of the experiences of our elders, as well as the dynamism of our youngsters.”

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  1. Filiz Baeira 24 Aralık 2018 at 23:13

    Incredible article and my congratulations goes to everyone taking part in this successful assembly. Well done and keep up the great work!


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