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Boat trip with pirate ships in Bodrum

Boat trip with pirate ships in Bodrum
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Bodrum, which is famous for its blue bays as well as its gulets, attracts people’s interest with its tour boats that look like pirate ships. Hotelkeepers who serve in the Bodrum district of Muğla, one of the popular centers of Turkey tourism, compete with each other to offer the best holiday service to guests from different countries of the world in order to spend summer vacations.

Bodrum gulets anchored in Kumbahçe Harbor and tour boats that look like pirate ship prepared in different concepts are hosting holiday makers from abroad as well as domestic guests. Tourists coming to the region at the early hours of the morning sail to the blue of Bodrum with tour boats. The groups, that the Russian tourists are outnumbered, are enjoying the sea, the sun and the unique nature in the determined routes.

pirate shipsGREAT INCREASE

Mayor Mehmet Kocadon said that they showed a spectacular increase in Bodrum tourism season in comparison with the last year. Kocadon pointing out that the increases in the markets of England, Germany, Poland and Russia are continuing and said; “It is really nice to be rewarded for our efforts. I hope this increase will reach 100 percent in the season. The main goal of Bodrum is to catch the occupancy rate that has caught in 2012-2013. Firstly, we want to reach this.”


Mayor Mehmet Kocadon stating that holidaymakers showed great interest in daily boats, which are the starting point of blue tour, said: “Guests who prefer Bodrum and who make a day-long boat tour are having so much fun in the places they go to. In this tourism season and on this rise we will try to find solutions for our small mistakes. This performance we have now caught up makes us really happy.”

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